Aladdin A-Lite Bi-Color Dimmable Light Fixture (3000 to 6000K)

LED Lights

€ 15.00 +iva


Aladdin's A-LITE Bi-Color Dimmable Light Fixture is a powerful light fixture that can help bring the cinematic look to your shots. It can be mounted on your camera or mounted to an adjustable arm. It comes with a diffuser to soften the light. The color temperature of the output is adjustable from daylight (6000K) to tungsten (300K) and features a high CRI and TLCI rating for excellent color rendition. In addition, it can be dimmed from 100 to 5% brightness.

  • Made from anodized 6061 aluminum, the fixture is both lightweight and durable and features an integrated lithium-ion battery that can run the light for up to two hours and recharges via a built-in micro-USB port. Its small size and weight enable mounting the light on top of your camera via the 1/4"-20 threaded mounting hole.
  • Adjustable from daylight (6000K) to tungsten (3000K) balanced
  • Daylight balanced output with a high CRI of 96ra and the tungsten output rated at 97ra
  • Output achieves with daylight TLCI score of 97qa and a tungsten score of 99ra
  • Incorporates two manual knobs, one each for dimming and color temperature adjustment
  • Low power draw and high output
  • Can be mounted on your camera or stashed within the shot