Aputure Light Dome Mini Softbox For Cob 300 D

Softbox e Modificatori Di Luce, Softbox, Fresnel e Spotlights

€ 5.00 +iva


In the kit:

•    N.1 Light Dome Mini Softbox
•    N.1 Bowens Mount Speed Ring
•    N.1 Front Diffuser
•    N.1 Inner Diffuser
•    N.1 Grid
•    N.16 Rods
•    N.1 Carry Bag

The Aputure Light Dome Miniis the little brother to revolutionary Light Dome. It's a modifier designed specifically for the LightStorm 120 and 300 series of LED lighting fixtures. With its wide variety of applications and a design that is perfect for lighting tight spaces in a simple and compact form-factor, the Light Dome mini is the perfect lighting modifier especially for when you are on the go. Aputure Light Dome mini is 687mm wide and 250mm deep, meaning it is designed to be compact from the get-go. It's easy to install and fold up, but the features don't stop there. We equipped this accessory with a 37.8 degree grid and speed-ring to work smoothly with any Bowens mount light. The Light Dome mini is equipped with efficient diffusion, a silver or golden interior and first-class nylon exterior to produce an extremely soft and even look on your subject. The included 37.8 degree grid adds an unprecedented ability to focus the output of your fixture to a certain and specific area. With more control, comes the better flexibility. In portrait lighting, for instance, the grid allows for better separation between your foreground subjects and the background. The 16 rods of the Light Dome mini are durable and heat-resistant. This Hexadecagon structure creates a precise circular round light as well as an appealing catch light in the eyes of your camera talent.Features: 16 durable heat-resistant rodsExclusive Silver embossed linings that are highly reflectiveCarrying Bag includedDual diffusers.