Bright Tangerine Revolvr Single-Sided Core Follow Focus Kit

Follow Focus

€ 20.00 +iva


The Revolvr Single-Sided Core Follow Focus Kit from Bright Tangerine is a high performance follow focus kit that connects you to the lens giving you focus with drive efficiency and direct transmission. The kit includes the 15mm LWS Bridge, a Handwheel, a Cine Arm, two Gears, two Marking Discs, and a Hard Stop Pack.

  • Designed to allow you more options of placement: The follow focus is slimmer and has a dual mountable arm, allowing you more space for other accessories
  • Comfort at your fingertips: The conical handle matches the contours of your hand, even when the camera is hard to reach and you can use it on either side too
  • Removable hard stops move independently, and you can use either one or both
  • The clamps and locks can be used when wearing gloves
  • Standard cine ratio gears gives you the flexibility to work with stills lenses
  • Active-expanding coupling to connect the whip and speed crank for zero backlash
  • The speed crank is adjustable in length and can pivot from 90 to 130 degrees
  • Direct drive gives you better access
  • Both the whip and speed crank can attach without the handle