Chimera Panel Lantern Pro Kit


€ 40.00+iva


Chimera has assembled this Panel Lantern Pro Kit with EU Plug for image-makers who have specific requirements for overhead lighting. The kit includes a PL100 LED Light Engine with controller and power supply, a 24 x 24" Fabric Lantern, head cable, and a kit bag. Also included are a Skirt Kit, Panel Lantern Clamp, and a Single Axis Stand Adapter.


  • Great fit for ENG, still photography and small set lighting
  • Powered by LiteGear LED Engine
  • Use with or without lantern fabric
  • High CRI and TLCI: 95
  • Color adjustable from 2600 to 6000K
  • LiteGear's field-proven, flicker-free, reliable dimmer control
  • Strong 24 x 24" panel frame backbone
  • Multiple rigging options using optional Chimera grip heads or panel clamps