D-Fuse Collapsible Universal Softbox

Softbox e Modificatori Di Luce

€ 2.00 +iva


Soften the quality of your LED light while increasing its spread with the D-Fuse DF-1L Collapsible Universal Softbox. The DF-1L features a 19" square front with a 12" square opening on the back for attaching your LED light. Reflective material inside is used to boost light output, and the diffusion material is made of unbleached nylon fabric for consistent color temperature. Four, included, touch-fastening fabric strips are all that's required to attach the softbox to your light. There are no loose parts, and tools aren't required. Folding corner rods help maintain the shape of the softbox. And to prevent loss, each rod has an inner elastic cord that's connected to the DF-1L. To store the softbox, simply pop the rods, collapse and twist the material, and secure inside the included, zippered pouch.