Digital Juice Set of 15: Color Correction Gel Kit (20 x 24")

Softbox e Modificatori Di Luce, Filtri e Gelatine

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The Set of 15: Color Correction Gel Kit (20 x 24") from Digital Juice is your solution for on-location mixed lighting dilemmas. This handy kit features 15 heat-resistant 20 x 24" gel sheets commonly used to color correct lighting situations most often experienced by photographers, grip crews and videographers. Each filter is conveniently labeled for quick ID on the set. A carry bag for the gels and included C-47 clips is also included.

  • Convenient Lightweight Carry Bag
  • Stylish and durable means to organize, store and carry your color correction gel sheets. The bag is lightweight and fits easily into most professional light kits.
  • Handy Removable Label Stickers on Each Gel Filter Sheet
  • Easy identification of individual filters saves time during setup. Additional sticker sheets mean you can customize the size and shape of your filters and still keep them labeled.
  • Kit includes 15 of the Most Common and Most Useful Color Correction Filters
  • You get a perfect portable starter set for solving lighting issues on the go or in the studio, without adding bulk to your portable gear kit. If you need additional gel sheets they are also available individually.
  • Additional Clips and Sticker Labels Included
  • You have everything you need to get started right out of the box.