Dynaphos chimera-Like Softbox

Softbox e Modificatori Di Luce

€ 2.00+iva


Can also be tented to prevent excess light spill in the studio or opened completely for maximum air flow. Carry Bag The silver-lined softbox folds down compactlym and stores in it's own carry bag for convenient storage andmtransport.

Dome Accessory Kit: Attaches to the dome face to create different effects The Circlemask produces a graceful, round reflection on your subject, perfect for creating a enhanced catchlight in the eyes or isolating a hotspot in the background. The Louvers mask narrows the angle of the light, focusing the light on the subject and keeping it off the background. The Stripmask produces a narrow, clean highlight and keeps the light on the subject and off the background.

Removable Face and Baffle: The removable face allows for high or low contrast lighting while the internal baffle eliminates hot spots. Using both the front panel and internal baffle results in a soft, even light with low contrast between highlights and shadows. Removing the front panel and leaving the internal baffle results in slightly higher contrast and darker shadows. Removing both panels creates high-contrast, directional lighting.

Dynaphos Softbox

  • Lamp Bulb: (1) 1000 watt / 22000 lumen; Life 750 Hours
  • Light Spread: The softbox eliminates the hot spots and distributes light evenly.
  • Magma TM: Fabric High-heat resistence.
  • Heat Vents: Heat vents can be opened to allow cool air to circulate, keeping the light bank from overheating.