Edelkrone FocusONE

Matte Box

€ 10.00 +iva


The edelkrone FocusONE Follow Focus Unit is a single rod-based follow focus unit that mounts the marking disk between the handwheel and the drive gear, which provides for extremely precise focus marks. The design of the unit allows you to adjust the handwheel to almost any position without affecting the unit's performance. This allows you to adjust the handwheel for your comfort, and this feature even allows you to pull focus from above or below the camera without forcing your hand into an uncomfortable position or needing to use an available focus whip. The unit can also adjust to accommodate pulling focus with virtually any diameter lens that you can use with 15mm support rods, or with 19mm studio rods by using available 19mm to 15mm rod adapters.

The FocusONE features laser inscribed markings and a marking disk with its own index line. The construction of the unit places the marking disk between the gearbox and the lens drive gear, providing the marking disk with an accurate reading and no play between marking disk and lens drive gear. The disk faces the operator, giving additional confirmation to the operator that the lens is at the proper mark. Adjusting the marking disk is simple, just set the lens where you want it, rotate the disk to the index mark you wish, and you are ready to change focus and come back to the mark you set. The marker disk is made from plastic, and you can place additional index marks on it with available temporary markers of your choice.

The unit features an-industry standard 0.8 pitch drive gear for lenses with gears, and an anti-backlash gearbox for a solid feel. It also features a built-in reversing gear, so you can use the FocusONE with lenses that rotate in either direction and maintain the same movement. The reversing gear is incorporated into the drive gear, and to engage it, you merely rotate the drive assembly until the reversing gear engages the lens. When not needed, you rotate the drive assembly so that the reversing gear is out of the way. The FocusONE features an industry-standard ship/crank socket, allowing you to use an available speed crank or focus whip if you desire.

  • The single 15mm rod mount design allows you to mount the FocusONE on either side of the lens, or even from above, if your rod system features a rod above the lens.
  • The handwheel position is adjustable, so you can adjust it for your comfort.
  • The adjustable design of the unit allows it to work with virtually any diameter lens.
  • The marker disk is extremely accurate as it is positioned between the gearbox and the lens drive gear, and not subject to play that may be found with some other focus units.
  • The marker disk is easily viewed by the camera operator, allowing the operator to make precise focus pulls.
  • The reversing gear remains attached to the focus unit, out of the way, until it is needed, then just loosen the rod clamp and move the drive gear away from the lens, rotate the drive assembly to bring the reversing gear near the lens, and move the unit back so the reversing gear engages your lenses gears.