Lastolite Collapsible, Reversible Background - 180x275 cm- Black/White

Softbox e Modificatori Di Luce

€ 5.00+iva


The black and white Collapsible Reversible Background from Lastolite opens to a full 5 x 6' background for studio use, and since it folds to one third its original size, it's portable for on location work. This background can be setup in portrait or landscape orientation, whether you are shooting one or more subjects. A reversible background provides the added benefit of allowing you to change the color whenever you choose and the convenience of carrying one less background.

The steel rim is enclosed in rim tape with a triple-reinforced stitch line so it won't pop out, and if the rim comes apart or breaks, it is covered by a lifetime guarantee. Storage bag is included:

  • Triple Reinforced Stitch Line
  • Steel Rim
  • Folds to One Third Its Size
  • Use in Portrait or Landscape Mode