PDMOVIE Air Follow Focus Kit

Follow Focus

€ 15.00 +iva


The Remote Air Mini from ikan is a highly-compact motorized follow focus system that can be controlled from an iPhone or iPad via the PD Movie Remote Air iOS app. It features German-engineered, brushless, highly-accurate, and near-silent motor technology, and Bluetooth connectivity to the app.

This 1-channel version includes one single-rod-mount motor compatible with 19mm rods as well as 15mm rods via a supplied adapter ring. The motor delivers a strong force and is capable of driving all types of lenses with a 0.8 gear pitch, including professional models from Angenieux, ARRI, and Cooke. The system can further be expanded to include three motors for full focus, iris, and zoom control.

A LEMO to D-Tap cable is included for powering the motor from a battery with a D-Tap output. The motor offers two LEMO ports, the second one being for running power to an additional motor if you incorporate one.

The system uses low-power Bluetooth connectivity to achieve faster data transmission and immediate response. The max transmission distance is 65 feet. If the range exceeds this distance, connection will be lost but will automatically and quickly reconnect once in range.

The PD Movie app does more than just adjust your control rings. It has an Intelligent Auto Zoom feature that allows you to set a zoom range and time frame for smooth, automatic zooming. Automatic Lens Data Backup lets you store lens data to the Remote Air servers (after you've registered your lenses). Manual Marking allows you to accurately mark lens parameters with a margin of error of only 0.01%. Via the Lens Data Versatility feature, besides marking your own lens parameters, you can also import, download, and share lens data through the app.

The Remote Air Mini can also be used for 3D shoots by connecting two or more motors on the same channel.

Key Features

  • Compact, single-rod-mount motorized follow focus system

  • Controllable via iOS app from up to 65 ft Bluetooth connectivity

  • German-engineered, brushless, highly-accurate, and near-silent motor technology

  • Compatible with 19mm and 15mm rods

  • Works with all lenses with a 0.8 gear pitch, including Angenieux, ARRI, and Cooke

  • Intelligent app features such as Auto Zoom