SHAPE Composite Grip Camera Support

Accessori Telecamere

€ 10.00 +iva


The Shape Composite Grip Camera Support is an adjustable, lightweight, and compact 15mm LWS shoulder mount rig for DSLRs and compact video cameras. The rig is built around the Paparazzi Riser baseplate, a pair of 15mm Sliding Rod Blocks, and a set of four 8" 15mm rods. The sliding rod blocks enable you to adjust the height of the rods to suit your camera setup. For shoulder mounted shooting, handles and a shoulder pad are included the mount onto the rods. The handles feature rosettes and SHAPE's patented spring-loaded push-button technology that lets you quickly adjust the angle of the grips on-the-fly with just the push of your thumb. The Adjustable Composite Shoulder Pad is height adjustable thanks to its own Sliding Rod Block. For additional support and comfort, a Back Pad is also included that attaches to the rear of the shoulder pad. When you need to go tripod-mounted, the Paparazzi Riser features 1/4"-20 and 3/8"-16 threaded holes at the bottom.