Venus Optics LAOWA 24mm T14-40 Full Frame 2x PeriProbe Cine Lens for Canon EF

Ottiche Fotografiche, Obiettivi Macro, Ottiche Cine Macro

€ 85.00 +iva


In the kit:

  • 90° Module
  • Direct View Module
  • USB Cable Dimmer with Power Adjustment (White)
  • USB Cable (Black)
  • 2 x Front Cap
  • 2 x Rear Cap
  • Protective Case

The Venus Optics LAOWA 24mm T14-40 Full Frame 2x PeriProbe Cine Lens captures sharp magnified shots with full frame camera sensors using their Canon EF-mount and has a focal length of 24mm. Its periscope-style lens tube with interchangeable ends features an aperture range of T14 to T40 for a deep or shallow depth of field. Use it underwater or in tight spaces, thanks to its waterproof front barrel and slim profile.

A lens construction of 28 elements in 19 groups creates a smooth, circular bokeh with minimal focus breathing. The lens can rotate 360° along the axis to unlock the orientation ring and create spinning shots. Both the focus and iris rings have 0.8 MOD cinema-standard gears for intuitive manual controls. A 1/4"-20 thread at the end of the 15.7" lens allows you to mount fill lights or other accessories. Built-in LEDs in the lens tips provide a ring-light effect to your shots.

Features at a Glance

  • Maximum T14 aperture for greater depth of field at close distances
  • Cinema industry-standard 0.8 MOD focus and iris gears compatible with follow focus and iris controls
  • Manually focus on objects only 0.8" away at 2x magnification
  • Lens construction of 28 elements in 19 groups for smooth, circular bokeh
  • A wide 85° perspective to create a "bug-eye" effect
  • Long 15.7" lens barrel for access to tight spaces, stay a safe distance from subjects
  • Waterproof front barrel for underwater shots without requiring a waterproof housing
  • 360° rotation with a clutch mechanism to adjust the orientation ring
  • Switch between 90° periscope to straight probe
  • 1/4"-20 thread for mounting of fill lights