Westcott Scrim Jim Cine 4'X4' Unbleached Muslin/Black

Softbox e Modificatori Di Luce

€ 2.00 +iva


This reversible Scrim Jim Cine fabric is for use with a 4' x 4' Scrim Jim Cine Frame. Heavy-duty touch fastener lines the Scrim Jim Cine Unbleached Muslin/Black Fabric, allowing for quick placement on the Scrim Jim Cine Frame.

Scrim Jim Cine's Unbleached Muslin and Black fabric is constructed with reversible matte material. The heavy-duty black block fabric is virtually reflection-free and can be used to block light, flag light, and add shadows. The Unbleached Muslin side of this Scrim Jim Cine fabric can be used to subtly reflect light, without changing skin tones or color temperature for a very natural appearance.

The Scrim Jim Cine is a compete modular frame system designed for filmmakers and photographers. The Scrim Jim Cine is the ultimate light control tool, giving users the ability to cut, block, reflect, diffuse, and direct light both on-set and on-location.

  • Ultra-durable, high-end fabric
  • For use with the Scrim Jim and the Scrim Jim Cine light control systems
  • Durable touch fastener lining
  • Mounts instantly to Scrim Jim Cine 4' x 4' frame
  • Reversible for versatility on-set and on-location
  • Can be used to block light and add shadows or reflect light without changing color temperature