Westcott Scrim Jim Cine Single Net Fabric (120x120cm)


€ 2.00+iva


This high-quality, seamless 1-stop net fabric is for use with a 120 x 120 Scrim Jim Cine Frame. Heavy-duty touch fastener lines the Scrim Jim Cine Single Net Fabric, allowing for quick placement on the Scrim Jim Cine Frame. Seamless Scrim Jim Cine nets are available in high-quality single and double versions in sizes ranging from 60 x 60 cm to 240 x 240 cm. These fabrics are essentials for documentary filmmakers and run-and-gun cinematographers, cutting busy or bright backgrounds by 1 or 2 stops. The Scrim Jim Cine is a compete modular frame system designed for filmmakers and photographers. The Scrim Jim Cine is the ultimate light control tool, giving users the ability to cut, block, reflect, diffuse and direct light both on-set and on-location.

  • For use with the Scrim Jim and the Scrim Jim Cine light control systems
  • High-quality 1-stop net
  • Cut busy or bright backgrounds
  • Durable touch fastener lining
  • Mounts instantly to Scrim Jim Cine 120 x 120 cm frame
  • Essential light modifying fabric for on-location filmmakers

Inventive Light Control for Inventive Filmmakers
The Scrim Jim Cine is an innovative and efficient modular frame system designed to give filmmakers and photographers the ultimate light control capabilities. With countless frame builds and over 70 high-quality fabric options available, the Scrim Jim Cine is completely customizable for bouncing, blocking, diffusing, subtracting, shaping and flagging light.

Innovative Framework
Each Scrim Jim Cine tube is constructed with an ultra-durable anodized aluminum. These heavy-duty frame tubes maintain an extremely lightweight design while holding up to years of use both on-set and on-location. Each frame tube features riveted industrial touch fastener, allowing for instant mounting of Scrim Jim Cine fabrics. Scrim Jim Cine frame tubes are also designed with built-in 3/8"-16-threaded sockets for effortless mounting on light stands and c-stands.

Completely Customizable
Building Scrim Jim Cine frames is made possible through an array of available frame connectors. These high-end connection pieces feature positive locking points, ensuring that your Scrim Jim Cine builds never come undone during a shoot. Straight connector pieces allow filmmakers to build a variety of frame sizes. Corner connectors keep flat frames in place. 3D corner connectors are available for those looking to build diffusion boxes or small sets. A swing hinge is even available for building book lights and v-flats.

Cutting-Edge Fabrics
With a massive variety of fabrics to choose from, filmmakers and photographers can control any light source imaginable. Scrim Jim Cine reflective bounce fabrics, blocks, nets, diffusion silks, muslins and grid cloths are available in sizes ranging 1' x 1' to 8' x 8'. Each fabrics is constructed with high-end materials and is lined with high-grade touch fastener for instant mounting.

Scrim Jim Cine + Flex LED
The Scrim Jim Cine also acts as the superior mounting system for Flex LED mats. These easy to mount frames attach effortlessly to 1' x 1', 1' x 2', 1' x 3' and 2' x 2' Flex. These light sources can then be mounted and diffused instantly. Flex Portable Softboxes can also attach quickly to Scrim Jim Cine frames.