Nanlite Parabolic Softbox 120cm with Grid


€ 10.00+iva


Ideal for portraits, headshots, interviews, and fashion, the 120cm Para 120 Softbox with Bowens Mount from Nanlite is a 16-sided hexadecagon-shaped modifier. The structure of the Para 120 is fortified by 16 durable support rods, while its silver interior maximizes your light source's output. It offers focused, soft output with a punchy, crisp edge that lends dimension and detail to your subject as well as natural-looking catchlight in their eyes. Additionally, the parabolic shape of the modifier renders significant falloff at the field edge and therefore an enhanced degree of directional control, decreased spill light, and easy feathering. The Nanlite SB-PR-120-Q doesn't have to attach or remove any of the individual rods and can start shooting in seconds.

In the box:

  • Softbox x 1 pcs

  • Bowens Mount Speed Ring

  • Outer soft cloth x 2 pcs

  • Carriyng bag - 1 pcs

  • Fabric Grid for Pararabolic 120 Softbox by NanLite - 1 pcs

The Fabric Grid for Pararabolic 120 Softbox by NanLite mounts to the front of the softbox to minimize light spill and add directionality by tightening the beam angle. Grids are great for selectively lighting subjects without losing the soft quality of light produced by the softbox. This fabric grid swiftly and easily attaches to the softbox via touch fasteners and folds down flat for storage and transport.

Main Features

  • 60-Degree Grid

  • Controls Spill Light

  • Narrows Beam Spread

  • Adds Directional Control