Rhino Camera Gear High Speed Slider Motor at 5”/second

Slider, Dolly e Gimbal

€ 15.00+iva


Achieve fast slides with the new High Speed Motor. It attaches onto the end plate of any Rhino Slider (Compatible with both EVO and the new version) in a few seconds. We recommend this motor for most users unless you're doing an incline shot. Connect it to Rhino Arc II with the included RJ45 cable and start automating your camera movement (it does not work stand-alone and needs Arc II to power it).


  • Moves your Rhino Slider carriage at 5”/second
  • Installs in seconds
  • Super low profile
  • Doesn’t have to be removed to fit in Rhino soft shell carrying cases
  • Capable of moving a 5lb load at a 20 degree angle

In the box

  • High Speed Motor
  • 24” Motor Cable
  • 42” Motor Cable
  • Rhino branded box