Live streaming

The streaming service that sets you apart.

Thanks to the development of increasingly effective and accessible streaming platforms, live video has become a relevant business element. New solutions have raised the quality standards required for corporate streaming. Being there is not enough: you need to develop professional-level products. With us, you can turn yourself into a TV broadcaster.

Whether its the presentation of products or services, debates with connected audiences, live broadcasts of corporate events and interactive tutorials, with us you find the right professionals, setup and equipment to unleash your creativity live. We use for our clients the same technologies used in broadcast television and during collaborations with Italian and international TV.

Live Streaming Services

Live Streaming Delivery: : we come to your location or to other spaces at your disposal with all the necessary equipment. We set up the environment in the best possible way and follow you step by step in the realization of your live broadcast.

Live Streaming Studio: : you come to our studio to live stream all the content you want. Large equipped space, limbo, make-up room, control room, relaxation space: you will find everything you need to launch your signal from a real TV studio

We study and experiment with the latest technologies, and in order to put them on the market and offer to our clients the innovations that we develop. We are specialized in 3D into live events integration.

Virtual live streaming: toward the future

Virtual streaming means building the virtual environment from scratch giving our clients the opportunity to have their event, conference or webinar where they have always dreamed of. Thus, we can create more interesting and visually effective events by having more creative freedom than a live event.
Our goal is to get to offer a wide choice of 3d settings and virtual events at a cost that is affordable for everyone, even small companies. We take advantage of virtual movements through which you have the feeling of being part of a real show. In addition, we prepare remote demos so that the client can arrive already prepared, with a TV studio at his disposal where he can do what his company needs.