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Buona Visione multimedia production

Buona Visione was founded in 2003 and since then, we have always invested in new technologies while steadily growing both our skills and the opportunities we offer to clients. Today, we are a video production company able to support televisions, agencies, institutions and freelance professionals. We do that through services of audiovisual equipment: rental, studio, aerial shooting, post-production and tailored crew.

Latest work

Over the years, we have worked in multiple areas of multimedia production that allow us to guarantee high levels of quality in the production of live streaming, corporate videos, video clips, short film, documentaries and films. Thanks to this operational flexibility, we have created a collaborations network to face the most complex needs. In our team of specialized creatives, everyone contributes to each project in synergy with the others. Buona Visione means industry professionals who love to experiment together to create a high-profile product.